Itzik Zivan

Itzik Zivan

The model of social entrepreurneurship

A spectacular success in the Negev and more precisely in Hura, a small Bedouin village: the Al Sanabel Centre for school meals.

Amal Elsana is a Bedouin woman who created this Centre in 2007 as co-organizer of AJEEC-NISPED, an Arabic-Jewish organization dedicated to education and economic development in the Negev region. She created the company “Les femmes de Hura traiteurs” to prepare fresh meals adapted to the tastes of the region’s schoolchildren.

The beginning was very difficult and the business was beginning to decline. It was at this point in 2009 that Itsik Zivan, a brilliant Israeli businessman who had succeeded in England, returned home with the intention of being useful. He is taking over this business and by 2013 not only were the accounts restored but they had also made a profit. 15,000 meals a day were served and in addition, 21 women were hired to cope with this success.

Al-Sanabel is now a model of social enterprise taught in universities in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Al Nabari, the mayor of Hura used this model to create a social enterprise in the clothing industry in Hura.

Itzhik Zivan was born in Israel.

After studying at Tel Aviv University, he obtained a degree in Business Studies.
In 1985, he went to England to study Textile Management. Four years at Technion University in Haifa completed her studies.
After thirty years of a successful professional life in the textile industry in England, he decided to return to Israel to help people in difficulty and became a social entrepreneur. In other words, an entrepreneur without profit.
While living in Caesarea, he took over the destiny of an Al Sanabel school canteen, created by Bedouin women from Hura, who were losing ground due to a lack of expertise.
He also created Desert Stars, an incubator for Bedouin youth. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Wadi Atttir project, a sustainable development project in the Negev region.
Al Sanabel delivers 8,000 meals a day for the children of the Negev region, prepared by a Bedouin chef to whom he paid for studies at Beersheva University and who cooks as for her eight children.
Itzhik, by this action when he could go golfing and enjoy a golden retirement, decided to give back a little of what he received. Hence his title of social entrepreneur.