In spite of its tiny size, and with  universities among the top 10 of the world, Israel attracts scientists from all over the world. Contrary to its surface, which equals 3 French departments. Its  ratio of scientists and technicians is 145 for 10.000 inhabitants,  ranking  him second behind the US. Israel devotes 4.7% of its GDP to R&D and its number of  graduated students per capita is 85 / 10 000 made him first in the world as well as in terms of scientific publications and registered patents  (12767 in 2015). Israel,  the start up nation,  is second behind the US by the number of its startups, third behind the US and Canada for the number of  companies quoted at the Nasdaq.

The technologies of Pentium M. of Centrino Platform and of Pentium MMX have been completely conceived and developped in Israel . Other examples : Prof Martha Weinstock-Rosin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (whose first founder was Albert Einstein) has developped a treatment against confusion and dementia related to Alzheimer and Parkinson deseases.

The research of Prof.Ada Yonah, from Weizman Institute, Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 2009 has permitted  the development of antibiotics more efficient on stem cells. Prof. Yael Hanein of Tel Aviv University, has created an artificial retinae for people with AMD. Prof. Hassam Haick, of Technion University,  the inventor  and developer of the NaNose for the detection of early stomach cancer .

Tiny country by the size, Israel is tailored to become the international laboratory of future Inventions.