Rivka Carmi

Rivka Carmi

A nearly new higher education institution, which has only been in existence for about forty years, is the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. That I Rivka Carmi, professor of pediatrics and genetics, have the privilege of chairing. Known worldwide for its expertise on deserts, population and marine issues, our university was destined to settle in the north of the Negev, which is the desert part of the country.  We are divided into three campuses in BeerSheva, Sde Boker where we study Negev and the theme of deserts and a small campus in Eilat.

Listen to me carefully, to understand how Ben Gurion’s prediction and vision that “the future of research and science will be in this region of the Negev and if we do not conquer the desert ledesert will conquer us” is coming true and why in our university we are teaching today the practices…of tomorrow !

Prof. Rivka Carmi was elected President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev by the Board of Governors in 2006. She is the first woman elected president of an Israeli university. From 2010 to 2012, she was also President of the Association of Presidents of Israeli Universities.

Prof. Carmi was born in Israel and is a graduate of the Hadassah School of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She specialized in pediatrics and neonatology at Saroka Hospital as well as at the Children’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School.

She became Director of the Department of Pediatrics and Genetics at Saroka Hospital and held very important administrative positions in the Faculty of Medicine and Science at Ben Gurion University. Promoted to Professor in 1995, holder of the Pediatrics and Genetics Section of the Kreitman Foundation. In 2000, she was elected Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health at Ben Gurion University, becoming the first woman to hold this prestigious position. From 2002 to 2005, she was President of the Israeli Association of University Presidents.

Before joining BGU, Professor Carmi’s research focused on the molecular basis of genetic diseases, specifically twelve new genes and three new syndromes, one of which bears his name, with the objective of preventing these genetic diseases and educating Bedouin women in the region. She was responsible for the development of biotechnology initiatives at BGU.

In addition to his prerogatives as President, Professor Carmi is a member of a large number of committees, institutes, and boards of directors as well as the Rivlin Committee, which is considering compensation for staff involved in nuclear research.

Prof. Carmi holds a significant number of distinctions, honours and diplomas in Israel, the United States and other countries such as Canada and the British Empire on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.

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