Michal Schneider-Beeri

Michal Schneider-Beeri

Surviving through excellence….

Michal Schneider Beeri is from a family line of doctors specializing in cardiology in Israel and the United States. She and her brother share their time between the two countries.  Excellence has always been the driving force of her life because she says “in Israel to survive we must be excellent in many fields and a fortiori in research and medicine”.

She happily combines her professional life with her life as a mother of four children. Michal’s scientific research focuses on the neurobiological and neuropsychological aspects of aging. She has published more than fifty books on the subject as well as on prevention for people at risk.

Students from all over the world are coming together to participate in internships at Tal Hashomer Hospital, where she also teaches.

The list of awards and honours she has received is immeasurable, whether in Israel or in the United States, where she works at Mount Sinai Hospital.