Meir Kraus

Meir Kraus

The past to build the future

To imagine the city of the future, the past is not outdated!

Seeing Jerusalem through the prism of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely simplistic and ignores the daily needs and aspirations of those who live there and prevents us from realizing its full potential to make it a successful global centre, also thanks to its extraordinary historical and spiritual heritage.

Modern Jerusalem is only 160 years old and is home to some 800,000 inhabitants, 500,000 of whom are Jews, the rest are Palestinians, at least half of whose population lives below the poverty line. They are the ones who suffer most from the city’s inability to capitalize on its strategic assets to become a World Centre.

Historic Jerusalem offers 3,000 years of culture: Jebusites, Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians, Crusaders, Muslims have left their mark and testimonies.

Walking in the streets of Jerusalem is like immersing yourself in countless cultures. There are synagogues, churches, mosques, which offer a wide choice of visits, next to places of study and light.

Diversity must not be a handicap, quite the contrary, but rather the source of inventiveness and prosperity thanks to modern infrastructures.
Jerusalem has a lot to offer the world. It can be classified as the Place that peoples can visit, build, develop and above all be inspired.