Painting: Camille Fox

Painting: Camille Fox

King Farouk was the golden age and we love it.

Camille Fox is a gifted painter.

She was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and it was in 1956 that she left her hometown with her family, like most Egyptian Jews…

His life was a long journey, Paris, Israel, Australia.

It was in Sydney that she attended the School of Fine Arts and the Julian Ashton School of Painting.

She really only came to painting late.

Upon her return to Israel, she travelled to Egypt to return to her childhood.

The emotion is immense, its past brutally resurfaces in the splendour of King Farouk’s Egypt, these years of carelessness, where luxury and wealth were spread in an almost indecent way in the violent light peculiar to Egypt. She feels inspired.

These canvases are bright, rich in contrasts. The undulating, expressive characters reflect the image of a liberated society, where women are emancipated…

Even if these paintings have a mundane character, she also endeavours to paint not without melancholy by drawing from her childhood, the daily life of her life in Egypt.

Beautiful paintings that speak of the nostalgia of an era that no longer exists: The Golden Era, the common thread of his exhibitions, including the one in Jerusalem at the Museum of North Africa, inaugurated by Maged Farag, a friend, who came expressly from Cairo for the opening.