A rainbow of talented writers have taken over the extraordinary construction of a nation from ashes reviving it like a phenix. From uprooting to inventing a new life, a complex social and politic life, confrontation of tradition and third millennium, existential anxiety and taste of life.  This literature, diverse and rich of styles, has broken the isolation of this tiny country that disturbs the planet.
Israel and Yoo invites you to join the reality of this nation through its literature.

The Israeli literature finds its roots deep Inside the History of the Jewish people who lived on his ancestral land and also in Europe and the Mediteranean countries after the Spanish Inquisition. It is inspired by its millenary culture and the themes of the hebrew culture. To understand it, lets go back to the history.

At the end of the 19th century, beginning of the twentieth century, European jews settled in Europe, America and Palestine. The hebrew literature was then at its prime with prestigious authors like Bialik, Ahad Aham who were then considered the founders of the modern israeli literature. We find commonly references to Palestine, the Jewish land. With the establishment of the State of Israel , the hebrew literature became the israeli literature.

The international  booming of israeli authors started around 1980. Amos Oz, Avraham Yehoshua, Yoram Kaniouk and many others more recently such as Nava Semel, Ronny Someck and  Avi Primor are translated into numerous languages. Thus the israeli literaturebecame emancipated from its past. The authors of the new generation have the same concerns as the international authors : death, love, society, loneliness, etc.. This evolution now symbolizes a mature literature that does not ignore its past but is no longer overwhelmed by it.