In 1966 young housewives improvised fashion shows for the first time in Tel Aviv. Initially, the first creations were fit to fight heat. Today the very famous Shenkar Designer School, located in a chic suburb of Tel Aviv,  is ranked among the top 5 of the world. Its fashion label represented by its President Yuli Tamir is unique and emblematic.
The creativity is permanently nurtured by technicity and heritage during the four year term of studies. Henceforth, Israeli fashion, with the highlight of the Israeli Fashion Week, an international event, breathes at multiple inspirations whether Mediterranean, oriental, and russian. It is unique between high tech and the beach, between family parties and red carpet events.
The outfit rules for the religious communities also inspire designers specialised in this sector such as Sarah Chouraqui in her boutique in Ashdod and Lea Sheklar who organises seminars and ateliers to brief the religious woman in fashion.Those ateliers are not only for the design but also they teach them to live fully their feminity.  Considering the booming of this sector, the Shenkar school has opened a special course for this activity.
With one foot on on tradition and the other on anticipation in the third millenary with the 3D fashion of Dorit Peleg, all these designers express  their talent fully from catwalks to sidewalks.