Kamle Al-Huajra

Kamle Al-Huajra

Kamle is a member of the Beduin community in the Negev. Like in many other patriarchal  societies, and until very recently, the status of Beduin women was to remain in their homes looking after the family, the education of the children in families comprising up to eight children.

The very hard life conditions in the desert have incited these tribes to become sedentary in order to give a chance to their children to  go to school  and to have health treatment when necessary.

During their nomad life, the women had tied connections with other women in the desert and have created associations in order to earn a living with their skills i.e. embroideries and decorations of tents for special events like weddings etc..

Orna Goren, whose father a well known archaeologist, has introduced her to the Beduin civilisation and gave her the enthusiasm to invest in the emancipation of the Beduin women through work.  Since that time, the women gained their freedom and are at the head of special projects in the Negev.

Kamle is one of them.

This mother of eight children,  in her fifties, whose husband seriously ill and unable to work, got a job as second chef in the social canteen Al Sanabel,  run by Itzik Zivan.  She decided to be promoted to chef and therefore she studied, while working, at the Beer Sheva University in 2008-2010,  then a stage in restaurants. 

She quotes: working in Al Sanabel has not only contributed to my own well-being as  when I prepare the meals it is like cooking for my own kids. Also, I earn a decent living so my children could study and have a good future in this modern world. This was possible because I live in Israel.