“Kol Israel broadcasting from Jerusalem . It is …. These are the news by …”
Those words were  pronounced  daily by a journalist with a distinguished accent and were eagerly listened to by the Israelis on their then national radio : PBS (Palestine Broadcasting Service) was created under the British Mandate on March 1936.

On May 1948, on  Israel Independence day,  the radio took the name of  Kol Israel -the Voice of Israel- whose news had a  large audience.
Today this news vector must face the arrival of  other medias from the high tech era. 61% of  young Israelis prefer the net  and 18% choose  TV Aroutz2, the commercial channel while only 2%  favor the public radio.

Most of the French speaking community and all those who enjoy French culture are fond of Emmanuelle Adda. At the head of her program at Radio Yeroushalaim which is the 4th radio in the country, she broadcasts  with her associate, Cathy Choukroun, a playlist of French music of worldwide renowned singers such as Brel, Brassens, Nougaro, as well as the new generation such as Stromae and many more. The program presents also French gastronomy, cinema, tourism : afternoons where culture is not just a word but a daily festival.

The voices of the pioneers of Kol Israel belong to the past with the country entering the third  millenary and with Kan broadcasting from Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps. Nostalgia, nostalgia ….