Ronny Someck

Ronny Someck

Ronny Someck was born in Baghdad in 1951. He emigrated to Israel with his family a few years later.  He is the author of several books of poetry and is very popular in Israel. There are several reasons for this popularity. He is very accessible and participates in several events and cultural projects to promote and love poetry by all kinds of people. His poetry is popular and more accessible than that of Avot Yeshourun, for example.

Her message deals in a poetic way with the personal experiences of individuals such as love, society, old age, adolescence, etc.

It is a unique way of walking around the world in a poetic way.

Someck writes: I am not looking for roots. I never lost mine. Baghdad is in the East and the tree is planted in the garden of my mind next to the West tree. Two trees, two tongues, which in my mouth form a single language and a single expression: poetry.

Someck is also well known in Europe, where he has participated in numerous literary exhibitions, such as the poetry fair in Sète and contributes to Gilles Rozier’s book “Deux enfants de Baghdad” with his Iraqi counterpart Salah Al Hamdani.