Nava Semel

Nava Semel

Writing as an opening.
 For her to write is to describe her love of her country and its people: all its people. 
Identity, cultures and openness.

Nava was born in Jaffa where Jews and Arabs have lived together since time immemorial. She became a journalist and producer for radio and television after brilliant studies at Tel Aviv University. His books have been translated into twelve languages and adapted for theatre, radio in Israel, Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA.

His work is marked by his life journey, part of his family having been destroyed in the concentration camps. His book Hat of Glass published in 1985 recounts this episode of our civilization.

“Maybe history is a kind of history, a kind of poem, a collection of legends that people tell each other. And these stories, legends and poems contain the truth in a code that only they can decipher. Against oblivion, memory must prevail”

More than 20 books to his credit distributed worldwide. Some have been the subject of plays and television series such as his children’s book: Who stole the show?

His short story “And the rat laughed” became an opera piece in 2005 and was on the bill for five years and is currently being filmed.

She received the President of the Republic’s Award in Israel as well as numerous international awards.

Nava Semel lives in Tel Aviv with her family.