It is hard today when strolling at the Shouk HaCarmel and Marhane Yehouda where one is marvelled by the colours and smells of fresh spices, to imagine a recent past where food was scarce and distributed through coupons! These days have indeed existed. Pioneers of those heroic and historical times are present to testify and tell with true pleasure. However, after years of over consumption, the taste of the Israelis, known as compulsive globe trotters, is getting sophisticated. Young creative wine growers have taken over the vineyards of their ancestors and have boosted the quality to enter the list  of the top 100 international wines established by Robert Parker, the “wine pope”
Wine fits food. The ” Israeli Week of Taste” created by the renowned French Chef, Thierry Marx, reveals to the international gastronomy representatives all the creativity of the Israeli chefs such as Yossi Chitrit, Guy Gamzu and a few others, not to mention Yama Oymaouda, the famous Japanese Chef, whose restaurant is the landmark of the successful startup CEOs and young VIP generation.

The Israeli gastronomy reflects its population issued from more than 70 countries and where their cuisines mix in flavour and colour for the happiness of all of us.