Nicole Riahi Founder of Israelandyoo

Nicole Riahi Founder of Israelandyoo

Based on the principle that, the more we know each other, the more we communicate and the better we understand each other, I went, camera in hand, to meet the Israelis, all the Israelis including those of diversity.

Israel is a land where all the cultures of the world intertwine, mingle and unite to form a modern, state-of-the-art people.

I had the chance to interview Zeidan Atashi, a leader of the Druze community of Galilee, the first representative of the young State of Israel in the United States; Ibrahim Nsasra, a philanthropic Bedouin who set up a school remedial school for young Bedouin and Bedouin adolescents to enable them to reach the required level to enter Israeli universities and successfully integrate in the country; Albert Sadeh, child hidden in France during the war that became the first Israeli to teach agriculture to young Africans in French colonial Africa, thanks to scholarships granted by Golda Meir, then Israeli ambassador to the UN.

These are stories of ordinary men and women with extraordinary journeys, who thanks to their generosity, their expertise, their dedication have made this country a territory where 89% of the population is happy to live.

By creating Israel and Yoo, I wanted to help reposition Israel’s image by twisting necks of clichés and misinformation by questioning its citizens:


Israel and yoo, a drop of water in the ocean, is worth trying and can lead to clear results, so together we join forces.


Israel and Yoo is neither political nor religious nor commercial. It is a private initiative led by some friends, Jewish or not, all volunteers and very engaged in this fight.