Moshe Bahar

Moshe Bahar

Ambassador Moshe Bahar welcomes me into the kitchen of his apartment in the northern suburbs of Tel Aviv, waving at Golda Meir who was welcoming the greats of this world to his in Jerusalem.

Among other things, he tells me about his happy childhood and adolescence in Israel despite the difficult times in complete freedom and this is what emerges from the interviews of his sons Natanel and Oriel to whom he gave this type of education because they followed him in all appointments abroad. It was one of the best formations to face life.

Moshe Bahar, by becoming an ambassador, had the objective of making his country known and appreciated in the diplomatic world and whose government, whether right-wing or left-wing, is the only democracy in the region. He has been posted in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. A successful diplomatic career based on the results achieved.

Like many other ambassadors who are finishing their careers brilliantly, he plans to take part in Israel’s social life and take an interest in social projects by contributing his immense experience.

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