Puppets: Lise Messika

Puppets: Lise Messika

The Holon Puppet Centre in Israel is located in a spacious, unique and rare complex. It is the home of artists, creators, therapists, researchers in this field and for ……you.

It is a puppet theatre school in the fields of stage, design, education and therapy. A unique museum, two rooms with 60 and 160 seats to host the theatre, conferences and speeches. Classes for children and for all audiences.

Objectives of the Centre

To encourage and promote original creation in all areas of puppet theatre. To situate the art of theatre as a quality art with artists like Zvi Shahar and his “Salt and Earth Company”, which performs all over the world, educators like Gadi Waisman, who decided to become an educator after being seriously wounded in the war in Lebanon and escaped psychologically through the puppet.

The Centre also contributes to improving the active quality standards of artists, creators, teachers and therapists.

To preserve the processes of the creation of this art in Israel and around the world through partnerships with puppet schools around the world.