Cinema: Shuki Friedman

Cinema: Shuki Friedman

Production by Israeli star director Amos Guitai!

Creative and hyperactive, in Israel, the 7th art has made a successful start

Shuki Friedman, Production Director, is one of the key men behind the global success of Israeli cinema. He is the star producer of Amos Gitaï’s cult films, such as Alila, “the last day of Yitzak Rabin, Devarim”, Milim”, etc…

Producer of films and series fulfilled, show and explore an Israel as it is the distinctive mark of the films that carry its brand.

Look at the good: this producer when he accepts to express himself deserves to be… awarded!

Cinema is a reflection of national complexity and vitality. He brilliantly expresses the questions and societal surprises. It only took a few years for an Israeli cinema to appear on the international festival scene with a lively and agile style.