Face to face meeting with a country, a nation with a thousand faces.

Israel: land of contrasts, diversities, adversity, but also a land of harmony and unity.

Israel: its heritage, its innovations, its museums, its literature, its fashion, its culture, its way of life …

The action of Israel and Yoo may be just a drop in the ocean that reminds me of the legend of the hummingbird that carries in its beak a tiny drop of water to extinguish a forest fire: “I’m doing my part” he says.
Misinformation is a forest fire. And do you do your part?


Israel and Yoo is celebrating its 4th anniversary. Four years of snapshots profiles, of  individual stories, essays and images, four years that we guide you from one discovery to another, from one initiative to another, each more extraordinary, more creative, more imaginative, with the purpose of introducing to you Israelis, each one in its singularity, its particular personality, its roots and origins, its past and future. In short, four years that for you, we showcase Israel at its best through its fabulous citizens. For the next four years, we are planning to take you even further with more portrayals, more adventures through
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🇫🇷Quelle est l’influence de la sculpture sur la culture ? Nous avons demandé à Ana Huberman Lazovsky Art, une sculpteur internationale, de montrer l’impact de l’art sur les expériences de vie et la culture
Décourvrir l'histoire complète 👉https://israelandyoo.com/belles-rencontre/sculpture-ana-lazovsky/?lang=fr

🇺🇸How does sculpture influence culture? We asked, Ana Huberman Lazovsky Art, an international sculpter, to give us insight on how art impacts life experiences and culture
Discover the full story 👉https://israelandyoo.com/beautiful-encounter/sculpture-ana-lazovsky/
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Et si elle se sculpter ? Elle est un riche sujet!

2 weeks ago


🇫🇷Quel est l’impact de l’art et de la culture aujourd’hui en Israël ? Nous avons démandé à Noa Wertheim et Adi Sha’al, fondateurs de la Vertigo Dance Company להקת מחול ורטיגו
Décourvrir l'histoire complète 👉https://israelandyoo.com/danse/danse-adi-shaal-noa-wertheim/?lang=fr

🇺🇸How do art and culture impact Israel today? We asked Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al, the founders of the Vertigo Dance Company להקת מחול ורטיגו
Discover the full story 👉https://israelandyoo.com/dance/danse-adi-shaal-noa-wertheim/
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النصر لفلسطين

J'adore !!! C'est super. L'art israélien est multiculturel, multifacette qui découle de toutes les cultures d'ailleurs.

Vous voulez dire la Palestine occupé ?

good luck

L'art du terrorisme et de racisme

Parlez-nous de la spoliation des terres palestiniens qui continue depuis un siècle.

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Dr. David Harari

Born in Cairo. In 1957 Dr. Harari and his family were forced to leave Egypt and headed to France. He has had an exemplary scientific career both in France and Israel, where he joined the Israeli aeronautics industry. With his team, he invented the drones and was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize in 2011. Now retired, he is the chairman for the scientific and technological partnerships association between France, which he still holds in his heart, and Israel.

“I have known Ms. Nicole Riahi since her non-profit association, Israel and Yoo, is a partner of the Fondation France-Israel of whom I am the Vice President. I was pleased to get acquainted to her work relative to showing Israel as it is, through its multi-cultural population. Indeed, it gave me the opportunity to use her videos in support to a conference initiated in Paris on the theme of « Economic development through integration ». Israel and Yoo covers numerous topics such as culture, agriculture, innovation, minorities, etc… and could be used as a support to illustrate lectures to students in campuses, the site being in French and English. I warmly recommend Ms. Riahi to lecture on the presentation of Israel and Yoo either in Europe, in the United States or elsewhere.”